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How It Got Started

The Full Story

What fuels Lavishluxurymag?

The idea of making luxury accessible to every person who desires a lifestyle of freedom.

Our tag line is," the world is full of amazing things, you just need to look"

That's the simple goal behind Lavish Luxury Magazine, to help make finding these amazing things more simple, efficient & accessible to you who wants to experience more in life.

You see, we believe that travelling is a great way of truly finding your purpose in this crazy world.

By experiencing new cultures, cities, activities & other people, with every trip you plan, you learn something new about yourself in the process.

If Lavish Luxury Magazine can help one person do just that, then we've lived up to our purpose.

Our motto is, "Visualize To Actualize" 

In simple words, To live a certain life, You have to dream it, see it & with a little bit of work & guidance, You can live it.

It starts with you.

Lavishluxurymag acts as the blueprint to building the foundation by providing you the necessary tools & resources to build the rest.

Our content is based around lifestyle & travel. why is that?

In this way we help make visualising your ideal life a little easier, if someone else can do it, it  goes to show that you can too.

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