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Flying in 2021-Things to know

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Since Covid-19, the idea of traveling has been far thrown. However, In some Countries domestic travels as well as international ones have become less restricted to people looking to travel again. After doing your research around your destinations, In this article we'll cover a few things to keep in mind when flying in 2021.

1. Face covers are & will stay a mandatory requirement until further notice.

Masks are still required to be worn as you enter the airport up till you're in the air with the only acceptations to taking your mask off is when you eat or drink.

Other airlines have made use of face shields to combat the fight against covid-19

Qatar airlines were the first to make face shields mandatory for all passengers & crew members back in Jan.

2. Social distancing

Since the pandemic, airlines have focused on implementing new cleaning strategies to better disinfect. Such as getting cleaning crews to sanitise before & after flights.

The only problem with flying is the bottlenecking. social distancing has worked but small places with crowds create a struggle for flight attendants. Even though less people are travelling, it's best to wait when boarding or leaving for a flight to prevent cluttering

For any of your Health Safety Concerns:

  • Practice frequent hand-washing

  • Keep disinfectant wipes or hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol on you at all times

  • make sure you bring extra masks

3.On plane services are limited

The food question is quite important

Some of the big US airlines have suspended the onboard food service, however, as of mid March 2021, airlines are serving a limited amount of non-alcoholic drinks & snacks on flights over 250 miles.

For those bringing their own food:

TSA recommends packing your snacks or meals in a little bag.

What to know about Flying & more- In Depth

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