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10 must follow Lifestyle influencers

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Here's a rundown of the top lifestyle & travel vloggers that will spark some wanderlust within, leaving you wanting to pack up your stuff & explore the world.

In no way is any of the influencers mentioned listed in a specific order, each influencer brings their own unique set of qualities that makes them great to follow.

10. Mark Wiens

For foodies around, Mark Wiens is a no brainer. Travelling from a young age, Mark has embarked on a journey to taste all types of cuisine.

Engaging with all cultures, enjoying different local cuisine that are sure to get your taste buds ignited.

On his YouTube channel you’ll find insightful food vlogs of him engaging with the locals & giving his take away from the local cuisines & destinations while eating some of the most exotic dishes.

9. HeyNadine

Known for her vibrant YouTube videos, Nadine has travelled around the globe starting out in New Zealand, branching out & turning her wanderlust into a full-time career.

In her videos you will find vlogs & travel tips that are sure to give you a laugh, brightening up your day with her charming nature.

8. The bucket list family

Their journey began in 2015 when they decided to sell all their belongings & travel the world knocking down bucket list item after another. You can expect different adventures, vibrant vlogs of them with locals & family travelling tips on their YouTube channel.

Sitting at a whopping 2.4m followers on Instagram; this family has become known for spreading love wherever they go; travelling to 78 countries & leaving heartfelt memories with every one they meet.

If you’re looking for heart warming vlogs with wonderful travel destinations & tips for travelling with little ones then give thebucketlistfamily a follow.

7. Gypsea_lust

Lauren Bullen known by her IG handle as gypsea_lust sitting at a whopping 2.1m following.

In her feed you can expect to see breath-taking views out of her Bali mansion she shares with her husband & co-influencer Jack Morris.

The two enjoys travelling to at least one new destination every month for pleasure where the chosen destination is chosen last minute to keep things interesting.

6. Do you travel

Jack Morris commonly known by his IG handle as doyoutravel sits at a whopping 2.7m followers.

Starting out as carpet cleaner running Instagram repost pages on the side has led him to a full-time career where you can expect to see exotic shots of him & his beautiful wife Lauren down in their Bali mansion.

I just goes to show that if you desire a life worth living, it’s always worth pursuing.

5. Murad Osmann

Named by Forbes as one of the top 3 travel influencers in the world with a whopping 4m Instagram following.

Globally known for the #FOLLOWMETO movement he started with his wife Natalie Zakharova;

You can expect vibrant colourful Instagram post of him holding his wife’s hand in the most exotic places around the globe, photographed with professional detail.

4. Gone with the Wynns

To experience the world created in their own backyard is where the Wynns journey began when they decided to sell all their belongings, RV’ing across the US until their hunger for adventure lead them to sail the seas to create everlasting memories.

In their videos you’ll find vlogs of them going on adventures, solving sailing-related problems & providing tips when at sea.

3. The blonde abroad

Known for her amazing photography skills. She started out as business student who didn’t quite know where she was heading to.

Her business background & wanderlust has helped her turn her skills into a full-time career helping teach other women how to do photography while experiencing what different places has to offer, capturing every movement as they happen.

2. Jay Alverrez

Starting out as Primary school dropout, Jay followed his dream of becoming a videographer at a time where Instagram had just entered the social scene creating a name for himself & working with big brands like Coca-Cola.

His videos are a blend of, adrenaline junky meets wanderlust teen.

1. Fun for Louis

If haven’t come across Louis YouTube channel then I don’t know where you’ve been hiding.

Known for creating engaging travel videos that will keep viewers glued to their screens. Louis has managed to create his videos in a way that you feel as though you’re experiencing everything with him.

With his chilled attitude & straight nice guy energy you are sure to enjoy every adventure Louis plans to take you on.

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