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Travel hack to make the most out your trip experience

Traveling can be a struggle at times but with the right set of hacks your trip can change instantly. In todays post the top 13 hacks traveling

1. Invest in J hooks

Instead of carrying your luggage bag & r carry-on, J hooks allow you to carry both simultaneously cutting down on space making you more efficient.

& they relatively cheap on Amazon.

2. Buy a luggage cover/ Luggage tiles

Since the majority of people buy black luggage bags. With a luggage cover your luggage stands out making it easier for you to distinguish your luggage from others.

A Bluetooth luggage tile allows you to track your luggage’s every move in the airport.

3. Download app Flightaware

The Flightaware app allows you track your planes every move.

This will help you keep calm since you’re not overwhelmed by your flight arrival time.

4. Download the airport maps

Understanding the layout of the airport helps you calm any anxieties you'll have if changes occur.

Gates change constantly, by printing out or downloading the airport map you'll have peace of mind knowing where everything is & how to navigate your way through the airport efficiently.

5. Apply sunscreen before your flight

The lighting in aeroplanes emit UV-Rays. Makes sure you purchase or bring sun screen along to fight these deadly rays. Make sure to check with you airline if bringing items like this is okay.

6. Print everything

Best thing to do is printout all your booking information from flight bookings, hotel bookings

Paper takes up very little space in your luggage and you can recycle the paper once you’ve flown or checked into the hotel.

This will become incredibly useful in cases where your phone dies or you don't have access to Wi-Fi to show confirmation of bookings & so on.

7. Bring an empty bottle

Depending on how long your flight is, it’s best to make sure you stay hydrated.

Once you’re through customs, buying water is incredibly overpriced. One of our favourite travel packing tips is to bring an empty water bottle that you can fill up before getting on the plane.

8. Fight jet lack with exercise

It's been proven by science. A 2019 study published in the Journal of Physiology found that the best way to get your circadian rhythm back in whack is some rigorous, heart-pounding, sweat-inducing exercise.

9. Dress comfortably for long haul flights

Waiting for flights can be a tiring exercise & one thing you don’t want to be is stuck waiting for a flight in uncomfortable clothing.

If you gate changes, running in some skinny jeans isn’t going to be something you’ll want to do again. So, dress comfy, in some joggers & a sweatshirt.

Make sure you pack a jacket or hoodie too, this way you don’t get cold too.

10. Download Netflix shows

Waiting on your flight to arrive can be a time suck & by downloading movies on Netflix you get to avoid that time lapse between your flights arrival.

11. Set a 20min flight arrival alarm

By setting an alarm before your flight’s arrival time this makes you aware of your flight giving you time to head to your gate.

12. Invest in packing cubes